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Wednesday Jul. 17, 2024

BaR-TeK Corporation is a full service company prepared to meet all of your Automated Storage Retrieval System needs. We are prepared to assist you with initial planning/consultation, equipment ordering & installation, scheduled maintenance & repairs, and on-site training of your personnel.

After reviewing our services, please feel free to use our contact form or you are welcome to call us directly at 772-971-1172.

BaR-TeK has trained installation crews available to address your needs for the installs of Vertical Carousels, Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules, conveyors, and shelving. We specialize in all major brands. We will assign a project manager to supervise a crew of millwright professionals to accomplish the job properly. The control's specialist will come in after the millwrights are done to wire and test your control systems. Safety is a main concern. All installers are equipped with safety equipment and are forklift certified.

Our staff can accurately diagnose and solve any Vertical- Horizontal Carousel or Vertical lift problem you may be experiencing. Don't wait for a serious break-down to occur and hinder your operation. Ask about our scheduled maintenance programs. We also offer training and telephone support for your maintenance personnel in conjunction with a service agreement.

When the time arises and you need to re-locate your inventory control system, call BaR-TeK. We will assign our rigging crew to your site, take the unit down, crate, ship, and re-install it in a professional manner. Impact to your operation will be kept to a minimum.

Call in a BaR-TeK specialist when considering a inventory control system for your facility. Our specialists have a intimate knowledge of the major manufacturers. They can go over the pro's and con's of each one to help you chose a system that is suited for your application.

BaR-TeK is a world-wide organization. All our employees are required to carry their passport at all times, in the event they have to leave the country at a moments notice.

Many of our employees are bi-lingual. BaR-TeK has completed installations and service calls at various companies in North America, South America, Central America, Asia, and Africa.

Occasionally, we have access to used Vertical and Horizontal Carousels as well as Vertical Lift Modules. If you have a need for such equipment, please feel free to fill out our customer form and submit it.

We will contact you when we find the units you desire. Please be assured that BaR-TeK Corporation only recommends quality units for which we will provide installation and warranty.



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